Planting Table

It’s nice to start and complete a simple project in one go. I made this potting table for Jen last evening, a nice Father’s Day in the workshop.

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I fixed my lamp!

This magnetic lamp fell off my bandsaw and hit the floor shattering the black peg style switch. I took it apart and modeled a new one for the 3D printer. I had my doubts but it was a near perfect copy and the geometry was pretty simple to do for a beginner.

Kind of complicated, it holds a spring that pushes on a brass rod that rests across the metal contacts on and off depending on the 90 degree position it’s rotated. The clicking on and off sound is the spring riding up the ramps and dropping on its position.

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Made in China

Wow, gotta hand it to made in China tools sometimes. The quality of this cabinet hardware drill position jig is pretty great (knock off of the True Position tool). I thought the joints would be loose and the paint markings sloppy but everything is crispy. I saved over $200 on this one, fine for me, it’s a once in a while tool.

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Marketplace find, old tools

Today I lucked out on a local Marketplace find for an old tool lot for $25. I spotted in the picture one of the planes was a Stanley Bedrock 605. Can’t wait to restore it along with the Bailey #3 and Millers Falls hand drills.

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Blacksmith Post Vise

Debating selling this. I got it to go with my Peter Wright anvil (it matches all pretty both name and look).

I haven’t gotten around to playing around with forging and I don’t think I will anytime soon so it’s been leaning again the wall in the basement for a couple years now. I can’t see me making a stand/base as a welding project with my current workload and free space in the near future. I will keep my anvil though because it’s a nice one. I should do a shop tour to show my things, it might explain how my brain works #notahorder

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Progress on wingchun dummy arms

21 arms, 3 per dummy on the way.

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7 completed wingchun dummy legs.

For each leg I look forward to doing 3 arms. Lots of work go into making these things, I need a new college fund idea.

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Festool Domino XL700 small parts setup

I’ve put together a good docking station to do small parts on the larger Festool Domino XL. The domino sits in a domino dock that’s clamped on the workbench so it can stand up vertically so I can bring the wood to the machine.

Next is the Seneca Dock Plate XL, the black jig that attached to the domino fence. It lets you set narrow pieces of wood to plunge a mortise into the end that would normally be hard to do otherwise. There’s a built in clamp so you don’t have to hold the workpiece. This doesn’t let you do pieces laying down flat which brings me to my last piece. A flat platform.

Next I use the TSO Bigfoot. The blue piece. It lets you put a 1/2” plywood base which I’ve routed dovetail slots so Microjig clamps cam be used to hold workpieces flat hands free. Now I can do mortises on the ends and then the corespondent faces of wood.

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Visiting Jessem Tools

While in our vacation in Moncton we stopped in at Jessem Tools, a high quality woodworking tool company proudly Canadian. It’s a new facility and when I asked if they had a showroom to view their products he took me in the back warehouse manufacturing area where they were assembling everything and he gave me a run through on their new products.

I bought a doweling jig.

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DIY Vacuum clamp pads

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