Bridge City Tool Works AS-24v3

1/3 of my new tools I got from my $500 prize gift card I won at

It’s a layout square, one side has a fixed 90 degree fence and the other side has an adjustable angle fence.

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Walnut stump chunk

We were antique store hopping in this little town not far away and around the corner I saw a guy next to a pile of very large chunks of a maple tree that was taken down and cut up.

I walked up to him and asked if I could have one for my anvil as a stand. He said sure take whatever piece you want he was going to burn the rest at his house. I said I could also take one of those over there, he pointed to huge pieces near the building. These were walnut. You hardly ever get the chance to have free walnut, they’re usually sold to people to want to turn it into furniture.

I said I’d come back later in the week with my engine crane. Tonight I put this in the back of my truck. It’s huge but I let the crane to the work. I plan to cut it half down the middle and then those in half in length to try to turn bowls on the lathe.

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New cnc toy

I found this at an auction, turns out it’s a popular model of small cnc. It’s a cnc 3018 pro. It wasn’t expensive compared to retail price I won it for but I’m sure I’ll find a use for it. It’s nice to learn new things.

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Back to Basics

I think I’m done with mechanical pencils on wood. I used to love the 0.5-0.7mm always sharp point but they just break all the time. This Carl Angel-5 sharpener should give me what I need. Plus mechanical pencils won’t work with layout holes.

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Miller’s Falls No. 5 hand drill restoration

I’ve finished fixing up an old Millers Falls hand drill.

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Entrance Bench

I’m sticking in a post about a project I made a while ago back in 2011 but forgot to post it here.

It’s an entrance bench that also serves as a fold out shoe rack. Red Oak with clear poly finish.

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Hand Tool Cabinet Update

Here is an update of the cabinet. It’s almost finished, there a few more spots for some tools to add to my collection. 

You might notice a few new additions. The cabinet itself is bare walnut at the moment, I didn’t oil it yet.

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Walnut Ladder Shelf

This was a special project for a special someone.

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Pedestal Table

I’ve completed the pedestal table, Duncan Phyfe style. It’s maple with a brown aniline dye mixed with satin polyurethane. Single dovetailed drawer, claw feet caps. The pedestal was turned on a lathe.

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Handtool cabinet boxes

Here are the two handtool cabinet boxes I was working on. Now I can put plane accessories etc. away. The fronts are from maple burl, the drawer parts are walnut.

Half blind dovetails for the fronts, through dovetails for the backs.

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