Pen #3

Almost done with these pens, I’m not sure what kind of wood this is. Any ideas? Babinga?

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Pen #2

This pen is a little too dark, the blank looked promising. The second time around went much quicker. I can see how small projects on the lathe is pretty much instant gratification, instant product in your hands.

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Turning a pen (pencil)

Here’s the result of my first pen – a pencil in this case. I was tired of moving the ziploc bag of pen supplies I was given years ago around my shop so I thought I’d just go ahead and make one. It’s actually pretty rewarding holding it. The wood is Bocote.

I tried a CA finish but it didn’t turn out well, maybe I sanded it off too much. So I put on Shellawax Cream.

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Dovetailed Tea box Build

I presented this box to my girlfriend in 2021.

Full build of the dovetailed tea box originally done By Mike Pekovich from Fine Woodworking issue No.269. I encourage you to check out the plans for this project or at least the issue that featured this project for detailed measurements.

I used the same materials and dimensions from the article, wenge exterior, with curly/bird’s eye maple for the inner liner.

The wire brush was used on the wenge box parts to give enhanced texture by basically brushing away the soft grain lines.

The only clip I missed recording was gluing in the wedge dowel in the elongated slot in the base where the two cords passed through to secure them tightly (14:30).

Router bit used to clear out dovetail waste: Whiteside #3000 Template Bit with Ball Bearing (1/4″ Shank, 1/2″ Cutting Diameter, 1/4″ Cutting Length).

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Rust Removal By Electrolysis

I made an electrolysis bath to remove the rust on the book press. 4 steel rebar, cabled together in series as the anode to be connected to the positive lead on the battery charger. Dangled steel wire connected to the press to be connected to the negative end on the charger.

When I plug it in for several hours the rust should leave the object and be attracted to the steel rods.

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York 100 Bullet Vise

I picked up this York 100 Bullet vise used locally for $40. I’ll have to pretty it up and post some after shots. Still looking for a Wilton Bullet vise but they’re not common in Canada.

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Book Press Restoration

I always thought book presses were nifty. They’re old, solid, made of cast iron and built like a tank. I like the huge metal crank wheel on the top and the beefy threaded rod that raises and lowers the press. Although I don’t have a use for one I’ve always wanted one in my collection.

I picked this up used just out of town, it’s a STANDARD Levey Bros. (not sure of the year). It was nasty but I thought I would be able to clean it up well. So I did. Here is before and after. All I did was take it all apart, grind off the rust and old paint, used bondo where I wanted it smooth and painted it with Tremclad black gloss spray paint.

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Grinder Side Wheel Wobble

I’ve been searching for a decent low speed grinder that’s of equal quality to my high speed Baldor to use for sharpening my woodturning chisels. When in the store, every grinder I’ve tested all seen to have the same side to side wheel wobble. My Baldor never had that issue. I’ve wondered how so many turners can use the same import grinder and not complain. I’ve come to the conclusion that some aren’t as picky as I am OR they’re using shims to correct the issue, or use the special self aligning washers I came across, that absolutely worked.

Self-Aligning Spherical Washers:

Self-Aligning Spherical Washer, 3-piece set for one CBN Wheel

Machined Aluminum Washers:

Washers – Machined Aluminum 5/8"

Wheels purchased from

Radius Edge CBN Wheel 8-inch, 5/8″ arbor – 80 grit

Mega Square 8″ CBN Wheel, 5/8″ arbor – 350 grit

Grinder: Rikon 80-808 slow speed 8″ wheels

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New Video: $25 Woodpeckers edge plane Knockoff

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Tea Box Build Completed

Here are some pictures of the tea box completed. I’ve assembled the magnetic clasps with 4mm hemp rope and wrapped with 1mm hemp twine. I think it turned out great.

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