New Guitar Pedal Board

I wanted to put my pedals that I’ve collected and have been just sitting on the floor until now. I wanted a board that would keep them in place but I didn’t want to stick velcro on the back and stick them on a velcro board like most out there. I pay a lot for some of these pedals and I don’t want to stick anything on them.

I wanted something I could clamp on and reposition them if I wanted to. I didn’t mind using a screwdriver to do that, I would rarely move them around. I came up with a dovetail slotted board and I would 3D print the dovetail slot keys that slide in the grooves. A bolt wedged them tight. Then I bought 90 degree metal shelf clips that I stuck rubber pads on that would hold the pedals on the side.

It works great, made with walnut, 3d printed dovetail keys and bottom ledges designed by me.

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