Festool Domino XL700 small parts setup

I’ve put together a good docking station to do small parts on the larger Festool Domino XL. The domino sits in a domino dock that’s clamped on the workbench so it can stand up vertically so I can bring the wood to the machine.

Next is the Seneca Dock Plate XL, the black jig that attached to the domino fence. It lets you set narrow pieces of wood to plunge a mortise into the end that would normally be hard to do otherwise. There’s a built in clamp so you don’t have to hold the workpiece. This doesn’t let you do pieces laying down flat which brings me to my last piece. A flat platform.

Next I use the TSO Bigfoot. The blue piece. It lets you put a 1/2” plywood base which I’ve routed dovetail slots so Microjig clamps cam be used to hold workpieces flat hands free. Now I can do mortises on the ends and then the corespondent faces of wood.

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