Pattern Maker’s vise for 60 bucks !

I was looking through auctions recently and I saw some tools that were piled on a table top and advertised as “Clamps”. It was a crappy red vise and something else. I looked closer and it said “Veritas”. Could it be a Lee Valley Veritas Tucker pattern makers vise? It sort of looked like it might be a vise. I clicked on other pictures for angles…It was.
I bid on it, and was prepared to go high. My winning bid ended up being $60. If only one other person knew what this was I knew it would go above $1000.

This is a discontinued limited run Lee Valley did based on the Emmert Pattern Makers vise that are no longer made (1880-1970). A Pattern Makers vise can rotate around to move your work, turn 180 to use the other type jaws, flip up, the jaws can rack to hold odd shapes etc. Rough shape vises by Emmert go from $400-1000 if you can find one. I’ve seen these Veritas Tucker vises go for $2000-3000.

I picked it up today, expecting some parts missing, like the stanchion bar holder that mounts underside or the bench clamp mount.
Nope, the cardboard in the picture was the original box clamped in the jaws holding all unopened unused parts, foot spring, hex keys and all.

I’ve been looking for a patternmakers vise since I’ve started the hobby, not I have a brand new Tucker vise nontheless.
Now to make some bench mods to accept it.

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