Walnut stump chunk

We were antique store hopping in this little town not far away and around the corner I saw a guy next to a pile of very large chunks of a maple tree that was taken down and cut up.

I walked up to him and asked if I could have one for my anvil as a stand. He said sure take whatever piece you want he was going to burn the rest at his house. I said I could also take one of those over there, he pointed to huge pieces near the building. These were walnut. You hardly ever get the chance to have free walnut, they’re usually sold to people to want to turn it into furniture.

I said I’d come back later in the week with my engine crane. Tonight I put this in the back of my truck. It’s huge but I let the crane to the work. I plan to cut it half down the middle and then those in half in length to try to turn bowls on the lathe.

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