Grinder Side Wheel Wobble

I’ve been searching for a decent low speed grinder that’s of equal quality to my high speed Baldor to use for sharpening my woodturning chisels. When in the store, every grinder I’ve tested all seen to have the same side to side wheel wobble. My Baldor never had that issue. I’ve wondered how so many turners can use the same import grinder and not complain. I’ve come to the conclusion that some aren’t as picky as I am OR they’re using shims to correct the issue, or use the special self aligning washers I came across, that absolutely worked.

Self-Aligning Spherical Washers:

Self-Aligning Spherical Washer, 3-piece set for one CBN Wheel

Machined Aluminum Washers:

Washers – Machined Aluminum 5/8"

Wheels purchased from

Radius Edge CBN Wheel 8-inch, 5/8″ arbor – 80 grit

Mega Square 8″ CBN Wheel, 5/8″ arbor – 350 grit

Grinder: Rikon 80-808 slow speed 8″ wheels

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